CafeAffe on Github

Gagan Mishra · April 10, 2017

Setting up my blog on Github.

I have travelled a lot now.

About a decade ago, I started writing random stuff on Multiply, which is now dead. Then I moved on to use wordpress. I still have some junk at my first site on wordpress. Later on, I started to note down some of my technical notes at Cafeaffe on Wordpress.

The same cafeaffe contents I moved to an EC2 machine on AWS. Created a subdomain under Umlaut. Added a bunch of posts, but unfortunately the machine got fucked up with all my posts. Lesson learnt : never trust MySQL stability on a free tier AWS machine. Rather use RDS.

So I came back to wordpress. And for some valid or invalid reason, I thought github would be a better choice. And this is how I am here, and will continue to add stuff here from now on.


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