IntelliJ ambiguous method on Lombok

This is a note to self. A stupid error that was bugging me for sometime.

There is this nice Lombok plugin for IntelliJ which runs just fine. Of late, I did certain upgrades on IntelliJ and started seeing this error :

"Ambigous method call. Both method() and method() match."
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SpringBoot -- Exceptions to Responses

As applications grow, number of APIs increase, number of consumers increase, it is extremely critical to have a uniform response structure across all APIs. Different APIs behaving differently, conflicting error codes or a HttpStatus of 500 for something like a invalid credit card number or email in the request payload is highly undesirable.

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Swagger & Dropwizard

Quite a sad story that swagger (1.5.x) does not go so smooth with Dropwizard (0.9), particularly when you have joda LocalDateTime objects, authenticated APIs, and probably snake_case dto objects.

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